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And our bank will end the Foreign Exchange services on the digital channel at before the holiday. Are you following us on Twitter and Instagram? You can approach HSBC to exchange FCY to RMB with valid identity certificate and 北京银行网上换外汇 Bank of Beijing online exchange foreign exchange documents, eg invoice for daily purchase or contract when converting a large sum, for example, buying a car or home renovations. No handle fee. Go to Banks in Downtown. Our Foreign Exchange service will automatically apply the latest exchange rate when your transaction is made. Valid identity certificate and the related evidential materials should be presented at HSBC local branches for application: With regard to the legal income in RMB under the Current Account FCY Funds held within Mainland China's borders, you should purchase foreign exchange by presenting your 国外母公司向国内子公司汇款 Remittances from foreign parent companies to domestic subsidiaries identity certificate and the related evidential materials inclusive of tax voucher. Make an appointment Make an appointment New window. Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Not only individuals but also companies can use WeChat or Alipay accounts for money transfers.